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School of Fine Arts, second degree in Fine Art (Printmaking)
1999-2000   Kent Institute of Art & Design, MA Visual Communication
1991-1996   Athens School of Fine Arts, BA Fine Art (painting)


Bursaries - Distinctions

1995   State’s Bursaries Foundation - Annual Bursary
Programme of Bursaries ERASMUS, Edinburgh College of Art Department of Painting, Scotland
1992   State’s Bursaries Foundation - Annual Bursary


Group Exhibitions


Thrills and Chills, CAN gallery, Athens, Greece.
Thinking Media III, Chungmu Art Hall Gallery, Seoul, Korea.
Action Field Kodra 2013, Kodra Fresh, Floating Walls, curated by Vassilis Zografos, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Art Athina International Contemporary Art Fair 2013, AD gallery, Art-Athina Contemporaries: Paradise Lost, curated by Artemis Potamianou, Athens, Greece.
Athens School of Fine Arts, "Nikos Kessanlis" exhibition venue, Graduating class 2009-10, curated by Associate Professor Michalis Manousakis, Athens, Greece.
Drawing Now Paris (Le Salon Du Dessin Contemporain) Tint gallery, Carousel Du Louvre, Drawing Now 1 video, curated by Brett Littman, Paris, France.


Thinking Media II, Seoul Art Center, Gongpyeong gallery, Seoul, Korea
Sanatorio project 2, The Athens University Museum, Athens, Greece
Holidays in Greece in MS IM-PORT//EX-PORT_A Floating Platform for Art & Science_School of Art and University of Kassel, international Group show, Kassel, Germany
Thinking Media, Professor’s Exhibition at Konkuk University, GLOCAL Campus, Chung ju, Korea
Tout va bien, CAMP (Contemporary Art Meeting Point), 4 Efpolidos & 2 Apellou str., Kotzia Square, Athens, Greece
Holidays in Greece, group exhibition, Studio Visits, Berlin, Germany
art-A, Topographies, Municipal Gallery of Arta, Arta, Greece
Chios 1921 - 2012, One hundred years of freedom, Michael Cacoyannis foundation, 206 Peiraeus str., Athens, Greece
Artists for Athens Pride ΙV, The Breeder gallery, Iasonos 45, Metaxourgeio, Athens, Greece
Lost in Athens, CAMP (Contemporary Art Meeting Point), 4 Efpolidos & 2 Apellou str., Kotzia Square, Athens, Greece


Contemporary Istanbul, AD gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
Original Certified Copy, Tint gallery / 50-1 gallery, Thessaloniki / Limassol, Greece / Cyprus
Sanatorio project, Volos, Greece
The symptom of the site, Amfissa, Greece
Pigs Case, Supermarket Art Fair, Lo and Behold, Stockholm, Athens, Sweden / Greece



Batlefield, The Art Foundation, Athens, Greece
Summer 10 * 10 artists, Elika Gallery, Athnes, Greece
About heroes and..., Municipal gallery of Kalamata, Kalamata, Greece
The vitrina project, Open Show studio, Athens, Greece
Visit, Angelos and Leto Katakouzenos Foundation, Athens, Greece
Visual dialogues. Onassis Cultural Centre. The action took place in parallel with Athens Dialogues, an international symposium.
(Sound installation under the title "politics" at Ermou pedestrian zone from Thision to Piraeus street). Athens, Greece
Chain reaction, The Art Foundation, Athens, Greece.



Naughtiness / planB, Margaris Foundation - Beltsios collection, Dynamo project space, Thessaloniki, Greece
In Mortal,
artists run space, Skouze 3, Athens, Greece
Preview Berlin,
Contemporary Art Fair, Tint gallery, Flughafen Berlin Tempelhof HAUPTHALLE, Berlin, Germany
Paint - id
, Contemporary painting in Greece, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki, museum Alex Mylonas, Athens, Greece
Naughtiness, Margaris Foundation-Beltsios collection, Amfilochia, Greece
Paint - id, Contemporary painting in Greece, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki, Greece
Open Air screening room, ReMap 2, Kerameikos, Athens, Greece
Synch Festival 2009, Technopolis, Gazi, Athens, Greece
21st Chuncheon Mime Festival, Chuncheon, South Korea
Art Athina 2009, AD gallery, Falliro, Athens, Greece
12 young artists, Melina Cultural center, Athens, Greece
The creation of the image - The consumption of Emotions, The consumption of the image - The creation of Emotions, 10 years after, House of Cyprus, Athens, Greece

2008   Liquid, Rethimnon house of culture, Crete, Greece
What is new and interesting?
AD gallery, Athens, Greece
Conceptual obssesion-Obssesive conceptualism,
Tint gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece
retrace ΙΙ
, workshop, Kimolos, Greece
100% print, upstair, Athens, Greece
Athensville, Helexpo, Athens, Greece
Art Athina 2008, (AD gallery + Tint gallery), Helexpo, Athens, Greece
20th century in video, Trianon Film center, Athens, Greece
Games without frontiers, Zoumboulaki gallery, kolonaki, Athens, Greece

2007   Domiciliary tradition, Cheap Art, Athens, Greece
Remap KM, AD gallery, parallel project to Biennial Destroy Athens, Athens, Greece
Milano incontra la Grecia: Una cultura giovane di tre mila anni, Piccolo Teatro, Italy
nightcomers project, 10th Istanbul biennial, Turkey
atropa vanitas, cosmos of culture exhibition venue, Athens, Greece
trans-mission, Kardamili Mani, Greece
zona 9, international video art festival, Chile
city plan-1, independent site, katehaki, Athens, Greece

2006   drawing AIDs, Tehnopolis, Gazi, Athens, Greece
drawing screen, museum of cinema, gallery Tint, Thessaloniki, Greece
what remains is future, old Arsakeio, Patra, Greece
Festival Miden, 2nd video screening festival, Kalamata, Greece
common site 2, the return, Epi kolono theatre, Athens, Greece
an outing, Beltsios collection, Matsopoulos roller, Trikala, Greece
Positive charges, project MRI, State Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, Greece

2005   Action field Kodra, 5th conjectural meeting, protaseis-version IV: 935 sq meters, Thessaloniki, Greece
Festival Miden, 1st video screening festival, Kalamata, Greece
Art Athina 2005 (A.D. gallery), Helexpo, Athens, Greece
Photosigiria 2005, ilios exhibition space, Thessaloniki, Greece
Shelved, The Octopus, Athens, Greece

2004   Manderley, Astoria Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece
Up_Cut: Artist’s run group show, Kolonaki, Athens, Greece
Video Zone 2, The 2nd International Video Biennial, Tel Aviv, Israel
Action field Kodra, 4th conjectural meeting, Thessaloniki, Greece
Random monologues_Oinothiki, Athens, Greece
Athens by Art (municipality of Athens, cultural organization), pedestrian zone, Thision, Athens, Greece
Art Athina 2004 (A.D. gallery), Athens, Greece
7 approaches to sketch-drawing, EOS gallery, Athens, Greece
imania, The Red Door Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

2003   So much… so great…, Larissa Contemporary Art Centre, Larissa, Greece
Transmission member show ’03, Transmission gallery, Glasgow, Scotland
Oblation to the county of Ioannina, Tehnopolis, Gazi, Athens, Greece
Prague Biennale 1, Peripheries become the center, Prague National Gallery, Czech Republic
14th Macao Arts Festival Beauty and Meaning, video screening, Macau, China
Euroscreen 21, PAN museum_ video project, Emmerich, Germany
Oblation to the county of Ioannina, Macedonian Museum of Modern Art of Thessaloniki, Greece

2002   2nd festival of free creative expression, old winery, Piraeus, Greece
Moter 2, Centre of Contemporary Art of Rhodes -Museum of Modern Greek Art Old town, Rhodes, Greece
Fournos: 35 hours non stop ART ACT, Athens, Greece
Oblation to the county of Ioannina, Evaggelos Averof-Tositsa foundation. Pinakothiki E.Averof, Metsovo, Greece
Caos & Comunicazione, Comune di Parma, Archivio Giovani Artisti, Fondazione di Parma, Italy
Below 54, cinefeel: UK, Audiovisual lounge 2002, London, UK

2001   medi@terra _01, Athens-Lavrion-Sofia-Belgrade-Maribor-Osnabruck-Frankfurt
Chaos and Communication, Biennale of Young Artists, Serajevo, Bosnia
Established, Brighton Media Centre, UK

2000   1st Triennial of Greek Printmaking, Pinakothiki Pieridi, Athens, Greece

1999   Gallery Artibus, 22 young Chalandrian artists, Athens, Greece
Path 49, Athens, Greece
EASA 1999, (European student meeting of Architecture), Kavala, Greece

1998   The Creation of the Image - The Consumption of Emotions, The Consumption of the Image – the Creation of Emotions, House of Cyprus, Athens, Greece

1997   Graduates Exhibition of the Athens School of Fine Arts 1996, National Gallery, Athens, Greece

1996   Melas Mansion - National Bank of Greece, Athens, Greece

1995   Educational Centre of Mortgage Bank - Mortgage Bank, Athens, Greece

1994   Electricity Service, Old Steam - Electrical Factory, Two days of Luminous Energy, Athens, Greece
3rd Heineken Art, Cultural Centre Melina Merkouri, Athens, Greece

1993   2nd Heineken Art, Solid - Liquid, National Conservatory of Athens, Greece


Solo Exhibitions

2013   Room 703, Slow cafe, Chung-ju, Korea.

2012   New golden era, (with Ioannis Theodoropoulos), Tint gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2010   The vitrina project, Open Show studio (solo week), Athens, Greece.

2009   Glorious days, Alpha Delta gallery, Athens, Greece

2008   Disintegrated land, Jam Jar gallery, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE (with Kostas Christopoulos)

2007   Gallery trophy, Alpha Delta gallery, Athens, Greece
Non-places, Tint gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

2005   The first Univese (mapping my house series), Alpha Delta gallery, Athens, Greece

2003   Centre of Contemporary Art of Rhodes - Museum of Modern Greek Art, Medieval Town, Greece

2002   Figure-Space-Image, Alekton, Athens, Greece
Figure-Space-Image, Mylos, Thessaloniki, Greece

1996   Figures in Space, Public Gallery of Hios, Greece



2007   Biennale of students from Greek schools of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece
nightcomers project, 10th Istanbul Biennial, Turkey

2004   Video Zone 2: The 2nd International Video Biennial, Tel Aviv, Israel

2003   Peripheries become the center, Prague Biennale 1, Prague National Gallery, Czech Republic

2001   Chaos and Communication, Biennale of Young Artists, Serajevo, Bosnia



    Public Gallery of Hios, private collections


Permanent Installations

    21 hotel, Athens, Greece
Periscope hotel, Athens, Greece
Intercontinental hotel, Athens, Greece



2008   Domestic Animals, with Zeta dance company, studio Kratiras, Athens, Greece
100% print,
artist's run printmaking show, site Upstair, Athens, Greece
Disintegrated land
, exhibition with Costas Christopoulos, Jam Jar gallery, Dubai, U.A.E.

2007   Atropa Vanitas, Artist’s run group show, site Cosmos of culture, Athens, Greece

2004   Up_Cut, Artist’s run group show, Valaoritou 9A, Athens, Greece

2003   Lucid dream, with Solipsism dance company,Sarantopoulos rollers, Pireas, Greece
We-All-People, video screening curated from Nikos Papadimitriou and Margarita Stavraki, Fournos - Center for the Arts & New Technologies, Athens, Greece

1999   Path 49, Artist’s run group show, Athens, Greece



2008   University of West Macedonia, Fine Arts & applied Arts department


University of Ioannina. Fine Arts & Art Sciences department